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Chile Rellenos con Arroz y Calde de Tomate
by David Heredia, Executive Chef at BAM

6 medium Poblano peppers 

2lb chihuaha Cheese 

1cup flour

6 egg whites

2cups vegetable oil 

Limes wedges 

4 cups rice 

6 plum/roma tomatoes 

8 garlic toes roasted 

1/2 cup chopped cilantro 

1/4 tsp toasted cumin seeds

4oz butter 

3tbls salt 

6cups water 

10 plum/roma tomatoes 

2tbsp chopped thyme

6 garlic toes minced 

1 red onion finely chopped 

1 cup cilantro 

4 cups water

2 tbl vegetable Oil 

Salt Pepper to taste

Let’s start by charring the peppers to remove the tough skin. On high heat stove/range top open fire, place the peppers right on top of flames until they’re well charred all around - about 5 minutes. Remove them from fire and place in a plastic bag or bowl and wrap in food film plastic wrap for 10 mins. This will allow peppers to sweat and thus be easier to remove the skin.

With a towel paper or cloth carefully remove the char from pepper should come off rather easy. 

Heat 2 cups oil in a medium skillet Medium heat 280*f for frying. Cut the chihuahua cheese in 3-5 oz thick slices and split the peppers length wise to insert the cheese slices, use tooth picks to hold them close once stuffed. Lightly flour the stuffed peppers. Beat the egg whites until they have doubled in volume. Dip floured peppers in with a nice even coat and carefully pan fry them to a nice golden brown, about 3-5 minutes on both sides, remove and place over paper towels to drain grease.


Place tomatoes, garlic, cilantro and cumin seeds and water in a blender blend well, separate 2 qts and remaining use for soup. Heat a heavy bottom pot 6qts on the wider side add butter and toss in the raw rice and salt stir until its lightly cover and translucent, 

Add 1 qt of the tomato mix bring it to a rapid boil stirring to avoid rice sticking at bottom 

once most of the liquid is consumed lower the heat to the lowest add the other quart of tomato mix stir and cover with a heavy top of wrap with food film let it cook at lowest heat possible for 20 minutes

Tomato Soup

Heat oven 275*f

Wash tomatoes 

Cut tomatoes into quarters Place in a bowl with thyme garlic salt pepper and oil toss till nice even coat of herbs garlic and oil, lay them out on a cookie sheet pan and roast them about 10 minutes de-glaze pan and let cool In a blender bowl add tomatoes onion cilantro a cup of water and blend 

Heat a skillet at medium high heat add oil and tomato blend fry for 5 minute add remaining water and simmer for 15 Mins add poblano peppers and simmer for another 5 minutes remove and serve over rice use a lime and cilantro as garnish  

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