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Celery and Fennel Salad
by Caitlyn Austin, Katchkie Farm Intern

I am enamored by our celery. Suzannah and I ripped off a stalk to taste at the end of our delivery day. We were both stunned at how lemon-like it tasted. Suzannah, who was never an outward celery lover, exclaimed that celery had proven itself from that very bite. We congratulated our farmer, Bob, on his celery masterpiece.

I think ants on a log is the most genius combination. The coupling of salty peanut butter, fresh crisp celery and fruity plump raisins is perfection. Half of my celery definitely went to that after-work snack and I have reason to believe I'm not alone in that. However, I believe celery was also made to be the star of a main dish. 

Fennel and celery are delicious together. Spicy fennel pairs heavenly with our lemon-y celery, try it out in this salad! 


4 Celery stalks 
1 cup Celery leaves
1 head  Fennel 
1 1/2 teaspoons Rice vinegar 
3 tablespoons Olive oil
1/4 cup Roasted delicata/acorn squash seeds
Juice from 1 lemon 
Salt to taste 
Shaved Parmesan

1. Cut celery stalks on a bias. Cutting vegetables on a bias helps to create a less fibrous bit. Here is a video showing what it looks like to cut a vegetable on a bias and here is a less useful (but impressive) video of a carrot being cut into a flower.
2. Cut fennel into slices. Combine celery stalks, celery leaves, and fennel into a bowl.
3. Whisk together rice vinegar, olive oil, salt, and lemon juice. Pour on top of celery and fennel. 
4.Top with shaved Parmesan and roasted squash seeds. 

Try adding slices apples, too!

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