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Brooklyn Museum Artist Crafted Sandwiches | Great Performances


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Brooklyn Museum Artist Crafted Sandwiches
by Admin

The Artist Sandwiches at the BKM Café in the iconic Brooklyn Museum are a collaborative effort between the Brooklyn Museum’s favorite artists and Great Performances. Together they seek to create delicious, hearty, and healthful sandwiches that reflect the individual artist’s taste memories of their favorite sandwiches. 

February marks the second installment of the Artist Sandwiches at Brooklyn Museum. The first sandwiches to debut were the KAWS (fresh mozzarella, fig jam and prosciutto on a baguette), the Steve Powers (date nut bread and Philadelphia cream cheese), and the David Byrne (sardines on toasted brown bread with arugula). 


Steve Powers

David Byrne 

This month we’re thrilled to highlight sandwiches crafted by Mickalene Thomas and Marina Abramovic. The Mickalene Thomas Sandwich is composed of smoked salmon, egg salad, red onion, capers, and lettuce on multi-grain bread. Mickalene writes that this is her favorite go-to comfort sandwich, “I’ve been eating this egg salad sandwich for many years in various iterations; pastrami, roast beef, thick slab bacon, bresaola, speck, and the best smoked salmon….It’s delicious and needs to be made with love.” 

The Marina Abramovic consists of salami, New York State cheddar, cucumbers, and picked onions on a sourdough baguette. It’s the perfect sandwich to satisfy your hunger for an afternoon spent exploring the museum. 

Marina explains that it's a "working class sandwich from Ex-Yugoslavia." When working class people would wake up early in the morning, "They would have a shot of grappa with raw garlic and hot red pepper, together with bread and salami. This is like a bomb to the stomach. This would wake them up instantly, and they would be ready for work. When I was young my grandmother would make many sandwiches likes this for me. It brings [back] very early memories from my childhood."

Stay tuned for our next installment of artist-inspired sandwiches!

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