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Bride’s Corner
CPS Events at The Plaza
by Emily Reifel

The days of calling your local florist to provide flowers for your wedding are long gone!  We asked a few of my past brides how they came to find their perfect event designer! It’s not about just flowers; it’s about the linens, the napkins, the china, specialty chairs and maybe adding trees or chandeliers!  It’s enough to overwhelm anyone so finding that perfect designer to create your vision can be a process!  Here’s what the brides had to say:


“As a former fundraising event planner I had seen several different types of events and always knew for my wedding I wanted something very classic, simple, romantic and elegant - all white flowers, all low centerpieces, simple streamlined bouquets, beautiful candles but not too many. In helping find a florist/event designer that would see my vision, I of course turned to amazing event coordinator Emily Reifel to help select a florist and she recommended Belle Fleur - who not only brought my vision to life, but exceeded every expectation I had. Couldn't be happier!”

-Jennifer Lax



“When I arrived at his showroom, DeJuan Stroud showed me a single peony stem that was the most exquisite shade of antique peach.  DeJuan explained to me that this particular peony starts out bright pink but over the course of 3 or 4 days it fades to this subtle, almost translucent color.  He won me over with that single stem....and he filled my reception with thousands of peonies.  He is a genius.  To this day it is my favorite flower."

-Jennifer Eatz Katz



“I moved to NYC dreaming of having my wedding at The Plaza! Then I met Emily who became a friend before she helped me plan the day of my dreams! I came to The Plaza to meet with Emily to help me pick my vendors and I had a vision but didn’t know how to bring it to life. That’s when she brought me to Ed Libby and with just a few words he turned my vision into real life! I knew I had to go with him right away!  He was my first meeting and my last! My wedding was a winter wonderland which was exactly what i had always dreamed of!! Thank you Emily for helping me and introducing me to Ed who made a dream into reality!”

-Julia Kogan



“I was going through weddings on Ira Lippke's website and fell IN LOVE with the decor for one of the wedding's that he had captured at The Plaza. I went to the last page of the photos that listed all of the vendors, and set up a meeting with Jung and her team immediately! We knew from the get-go that was who would bring my dream wedding to life.  Jung Lee from Fete went above and beyond what I dreamed of ever having for a wedding. She exceeded my expectations 10 fold. I had an idea of what I wanted, and she made it come to life adding in special extra touches everywhere to make it even more unique and mine.   It helped seal the deal just by speaking with her. She understood me and what I wanted without even being able to explain it myself.”

-Allyson Cherny-



“For our florist and designer  Belle Fleur, we went solely off recommendation from CPS Events. We asked for top 3 most popular choices because, being from the Midwest, it was too overwhelming to narrow down our own research! We were going for a traditional, classic, romantic vibe and Belle Fleur seemed to be the one who best fit our wants. It sealed the deal when we met with Meredith, who was so patient and kind as we visited and re-visited ideas and budget tweaks, etc.  We wanted simplistic center pieces, nothing over the top so that the Plaza's natural ornate beauty could really shine. We highlighted all the gold accents with beautiful candles. We especially loved the candles on the staircase during our first look and the rose-entwined backs of the sweetheart chairs! Everything else was gorgeous and Meredith was wonderful. “

-Lindsay Lachky-



“When planning for my wedding I met with three event designers/florists. One was Bob Conti from Ed Libby.  He had recently done one of my closest friend's weddings and he had created a stunning affair. Not to mention that she spoke the world of him which meant a lot to me as she's a tough cookie! I still wanted to meet and compare so I described my vision to each of them to see what they came up with. Bob seemed to really hear what I was saying and I felt totally confident that he would be able to create my dream wedding. It was an easy decision for me!  I have to tell you that when we went to see his presentation with sample tables etc I was literally overwhelmed - simply breathtaking!  And the wedding was everything I could have possibly dreamed of and more - my friends keep saying we had "the chuppah to end all chuppahs"!   From beginning to end everything was perfect - and one thing I particularly loved was how he was able to create three totally different looks for the ceremony, cocktail and reception by introducing more and more color, richness, etc. As he predicted, the guests were wowed over and over again and never knew what to expect!  And an added bonus - he was a true pleasure to work with and we had a lot of fun!”

-Kim Harounian-


“My vision was an enchanted forest, which wasn't going to be easy to pull off in such a classic venue. I knew I wanted to wear a flower crown in my hair, and I wanted a very BoHo vibe (without feeling totally out of context). When I met with Barry from Atlas Florals, I explained to him my vision and he got it right away. He showed me a photo he had done of another chuppah, where the 4 posts were beautiful green trees with tea lights strung in them. It was exactly the vibe I was going for.  The night of my wedding was a perfect mix of old world classic style with touches of enchanted forest throughout. It was perfect!”

-Jessica Reuben-



“I did have a specific vision for my wedding from the beginning but i wanted to make sure I chose someone who was also creative themselves. I came across Golf from Tantawan Bloom who I really admired based on his work alone as each arrangement he creates is its own work of art. When i met him in person I fell in love! He is so warm and attentive and super creative.  He was able to design for me exactly what I thought I wanted plus way way more! We worked together on ideas that I had come with and how he could execute them for me and even make them better. In the end, each centerpiece we had was a work of art. We even had a custom replica of The Plaza built for the escort card table.”

-Laura Rubin-


I used my friends Emily and Meredith at Bloomers ( I'd known both of them for years through my job as a writer. They're the chicest sisters, so I knew they could create the look I wanted! We went with an all-white palette with lots of candles. It was romantic, understated and perfect!

-Juliet Izon-


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