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CPS Events at The Plaza
by Emily Reifel

A large part of what I enjoy about my role at The Plaza is really getting to know and understand my brides on a personal level. It's connection that has a very special place in both of our hearts. I feel very lucky to keep in touch with many of my clients even after their wedding and with the power of social media has made it much easier! 

There was a group of four women were all married at The Plaza between 2013 and 2014 – and even more of a coincidence was that they knew each other through different stages in their lives.   Two of them had even attended another’s wedding as guests! What makes these women have even more of a bond is that they all had babies within four months of each other! This was a group of women that I had truly enjoyed getting to know each of them individually and it was a goal of mine to bring them all together at The Plaza for a little reunion of sorts!

So I thought, wouldn't it be fun to have them over with their babies, in the same place where it all began?! Stephanie, Lisa and Jackie brought Charlotte, Austin and James for their first Babies Brunch Date! Lauren, the fourth bride and mother to Lucas, was not able to make it but she was there in spirit.  Watching three babies together anywhere can be a hoot, but seeing these three little ones with their moms in the lobby of The Plaza was pretty entertaining - everyone around wanted to get in the action of all the cuteness! Our staff in the Champagne Bar just adored the fact that these babies and their mamas had The Plaza to thank for creating the setting where their love stories were solidified! 

Each baby received a set of Plaza Baby pajamas from their "Auntie Em" and photos were sent to their hard working fathers who must have been jealous they were not invited to the play date! The little ones were all well behaved and were definitely interested into getting to know the other babies. The brides and now mommies were thankful to see each other and swap new mother stories - I loved every second of it! We all agreed this would happen again soon... Maybe next time we will invites the grooms!

Love this! Emily—you never cease to amaze me! I miss you! Can’t wait for another occasion to plan a joyous event with you at the Plaza!

By Mindy Richenstein on 2016 09 16

Looking forward for my daughter to become a member of this"VERY SPECIAL” group in February!!! Plaza Mommies and Babies!!
Miss you Emily!! Look forward to seeing you soon


Mindy Horowitz

By Mindy Horowitz on 2016 09 16

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