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Bridal Fall Fashion
CPS Events at The Plaza
by Emily Reifel

Many people ask me when wedding season at The Plaza is and I always respond with “It’s always Wedding Season!”  However there is just something about the Fall in New York City that I love for weddings. Especially September!  It’s like that feeling of “Back to School” every year not only with NYC Fashion Week taking place but it’s truly the social season here which lends itself to wedding season.

This past September I was lucky enough to work with 5 brides on their dream weddings here and each one of them certainly had their dream dress as well.  It was so interesting to see the gowns that each bride chose. Each girl had their own version of a true ball gown which is perfect in The Grand Ballroom of The Plaza.  They each wrote me a little note about how and why they chose their gown.  It’s like our very own September Edition!  

"I've loved this dress for years and always dreamed about one day wearing it to my wedding. After I got engaged I went to Vera Wang with my mom and sister to finally see it. It was the fourth and last dress I tried on and I just knew as soon as I put it on. I loved it because I wanted the ball gown feel while also showing my shape. This was literally the perfect fit! I loved it so much I didn't want to take it off. "- Fatime Meka 

"I️ always knew I️ wanted to be in a Vera Wang dress with a black bow and I also knew I didn’t want to be in a strapless dress. So when I️ walked into Vera Wang I️ got discouraged because most of the dresses were strapless. I️ tried a couple on and did not like them. Then the sales woman goes just wait- goes in the back and pulls out this beautiful lace strapless dress. Then hands me a lace capsleeve underlay. I️ put I️t on and put on the dress and knew this was the one. We added the black sash and I️t was absolutely perfect and my dream. Everyone told me you will know the one when you try it on and I️ didn’t believe them until it happened. - Merissa Cohen Simon" 

 “I knew I always wanted a dramatic dress for my wedding day, so when I walked into the Pnina Tornai boutique at Kleinfeld I knew I was in the right place. Every one of her dresses was exquisite, but I immediately fell in love with the train on this one. It was love at first sight! - Sarah Schulsinger 

"I read somewhere that that when picking out your wedding dress, the dress should make you feel the way your future husband makes you feel everyday. Whether it be beautiful, sexy,fun,etc. This was the first dress I tried on at Kleinfeld. They were right - the dress made me feel like an absolute Princess, the way Mike makes me feel every single day. The designer of the gown, Pnina Tornai was there and she asked if I would "Say Yes to the Dress" - of course I did!! I didn't want to take the dress off so I walked around Klienfeld for a few minutes. Everyone was asking where I was getting married. I told them The Plaza. Every single one of them responded "Now THAT'S a Plaza dress!" - Caitlin Green Aiello 

"So I never had that "say yes to the dress moment!" but I did have a moment of realizing my dress was the "one." Our wedding was September 30th so right at the beginning of Fall. I knew I wanted to play up fall vibes at our wedding with lots of rich color and seasonal flowers. When I started dress shopping, I thought I wanted a long-sleeve or 3/4 sleeve dress because it seemed the most in season. I shopped with my mom and two sisters, who all have very different styles than me.  My mom and I went to Vera Wang before my sisters came into town, and even though the dress we found was strapless and totally different than what I'd been saying I liked, we thought the first dress I tried on was the one. We were both kind of devastated when my sisters got into town, and after seeing pictures, didn't think it was "fall-ish" enough. So we continued shopping and I liked a few other dresses. I ultimately narrowed it down to three: a short sleeve beaded Carolina Herrera lace dress; an off the shoulder silk Kelly Faetanini dress; and the strapless lace and tulle Vera Wang Bouquet dress I tried on with my mom (and ultimately picked). My mom, sisters, and I all had our favorites and debated which one was best for "September." before realizing September is such a versatile month dress-wise. I could literally choose any dress style and it would be in season. As they left town, disappointed that we hadn't fulfilled our mission of finding "the dress," I said I was going to take a few weeks to think it over. However, I hadn't stopped thinking about the Vera Wang dress since I'd tried it on three days earlier. It was the only dress I could see in my head without a picture, and the only one that I could imagine Bobby's reaction to. When I thought about not seeing it again, as cheesy as it sounds, I felt crushed.  So I ended up going on my lunch break and purchasing the dress the next day, and I never doubted my decision. " Carly Landon 

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