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BAM Honors Brooklynite Alan Fishman | Great Performances


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BAM Honors Brooklynite Alan Fishman
by Shaun Roberts, Sales Director

Great Performances began its partnership with Brooklyn Academy of Music in 2004, just ahead of the Brooklyn renaissance. Through the years, we’ve watched as the neighborhood has changed around BAM, and as BAM has adapted to the new environment. And, ultimately, we have answered the call to change with them. It’s been a wonderful, strong experience through the years.

With each of our events, we dig deep to define what we want the guests to take away from the evening. How can the food and service help shape the event experience?

For basic ‘ingredients’, swift and friendly service; and getting the guests to the show on time with the highest quality dinner. Then we turn our thoughts to collaborating with our cultural institution partner to create an emotional and thoughtful moment in an evening filled with boundary-pushing and experiential art.

In this case, the evening was in an honor of a man who lead BAM as Board Chair from Brooklyn obscurity to renaissance, through the ever-changing dynamics of New York City fundraising, and who provided guidance and leadership over more than a decade in this role. Having had the privilege of providing service to Alan Fishman and his remarkable family over the years, gave us a keen insight into crafting the right menu. With insightful guidance from his wife, Judith, we created a springtime menu that at once was delicious, as well as representative of their tastes and style. 




Growing Season Vegetable Crudite

Harissa & Burnt Carrot Dip, Fava Bean Hummus, Chive Aioli

 butlered hors d'oeuvres 

Napoleon of Smoked Salmon

Pigs in a Blanket

Goat Cheese Stuffed Petite Piquillo Pepper

Fava Bean & Zucchini Crudo


Charred Leeks Truffle Leek & Pea Vinaigrette, English Peas & Corn Rye Crisp


Black Trumpet Crusted Rack of Lamb Sweet Pea Mash, Roasted Marble Potatoes & Currant Lamb Jus

dessert bites

Brooklyn Navy Yard Blackout Cake Redux Bite

Fresh Strawberries, Clotted Cream, Strawberry Meringue & Granola Crumble

Mini Ice Cream Sundaes Vanilla Ice Cream, Brownie Sandwich, Micro Mint & Maraschino Cherry on Top


The greatest challenge of this evening proved to be the incredible success that it had – a lot of guests wanted to be there for this momentous occasion! The stage was the place to be, and because of that, we built the stage out into the audience, pushing further than our limits of any other dinner that we’ve held on the stage (to Row D!). Nothing makes the evening feel more appropriate, and more exclusive, then to dine on the Opera House stage. A string of local political figures came and acknowledged the years of Mr. Fishman’s work, as well as notable performers, such as Rufus Wainwright, Fiona Shaw, and Mark Morris Dance Group.

The evening concluded with a throwback to Mr. Fishman’s Brooklyn roots – Nathan’s Hot Dogs and local pizza.

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