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An Indian Affair
CPS Events at The Plaza
by Emily Reifel

It's not every day I get to play a part in a grand Indian wedding however this past Friday was a celebration I will never forget.

When I met Krishna and Saagar they were so excited about the possibility of having their wedding at The Plaza and we talked through so many scenarios because they were looking to have a three day affair. Their wedding officially kicked off at the traditional Sangeet on Thursday night and concluded with an elaborate affair downtown on Saturday night but I truly felt that Friday night at The Plaza held the most energy and excitement!

Guests arrived at the hotel to be a part of the Baraat which is a grand procession where the groom usually arrives at the ceremony on a white horse. Sagaar however had a different take on the Baraat and rode in on a gorgeous yellow Lamborghini. How unusual is that?!

The procession started on 5th Avenue and cut through on 59th street and then ended in front of the hotel with 400 of Sagaar & Krishna's guests cheering and dancing to traditional Indian music! It was incredible! The hotel guests and onlookers were amazed and so many people wanted to join in on the fun!  Sagaar and his family were beaming! To make something like that run smoothly takes a lot of planning and even a few police officers! Mala Bakshi and her team from the wedding planning firm A Touch of Elegance perfectly planned every detail!

As the guests traveled upstairs to the Grand Ballroom they stopped in the Grand Foyer for the Milni ceremony where the bride and groom exchange garlands which represents the acceptance of marriage and the union created between the two families. Then it was time to enter the Grand Ballroom for the ceremony! An unbelievable mandap hung in the middle of the dance floor. It was this massive structure that hung from the ceiling and with a cascade of flowers and crystals! This is where the bride and groom are actually married from! Gorgeous lounge furniture was used for seating for the guests and a gold aisle with candelabras created an opulent walk down the aisle for Krishna and Sagaar!

Once the ceremony was complete the guests traveled down to the Terrace Room for an unbelievable buffet dinner that Vicky from Bhukara Grill created! The guests ate and drank and socialized. Everyone was just in awe of how gorgeous the ceremony was! Then they were completely surprised because this party wasn't over yet! All the guests were brought back to The Grand Ballroom and were surprised to see Indian Super Star, Nitin Mukesh take his place on stage! The Ballroom had been transformed from the ceremony space into the coolest concert venue! The guests went crazy and were so excited to see this musical idol perform for two hours!!!! .

As the night came to an end everyone was raving about what an incredible night it had been.  I don't know how the next night could have topped it but I'm so glad The Plaza played host to such a memorable part of Sagaar and Krishna's big wedding weekend!

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