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An afternoon at Farm Camp
Liz's Blog
by Liz Neumark

It was a perfect day, slightly overcast but warm. Seven young participants were at The Sylvia Center Garden for a day of Farm Camp, and I was there to make lasagna (recipe from Sylvia's Table) with them for lunch.  Farm Camp is a tradition for The Sylvia Center, an opportunity for local children to sign up for either a full day or week spent at the farm at the end of August.

First task of the day: to the garden for harvesting ingredients with a detour through the pumpkin patch.  Hidden in plain sight was the largest white pumpkin we had ever seen – and it is still growing. We measured it and were extra careful not to disturb the sleeping giant.  It was the first sign of autumn.

Then onto lunch...the harvesting efforts yielded zucchinis, tomatoes, peppers, and herbs to go with our farm onions and eggs. There was a lot to cut, roast in the pizza oven, mix and then layer for the lasagna. Salad dressing was made, veggies shredded and all hands contributed to the effort.  

Side dishes were red cabbage slaw and kale salad. Dessert was corn ice cream and yellow watermelon.  

Lunch at the farm is always magical. Jokes are shared, stories told and the sense of family and peace creates a moment of respite during a very hectic day.  

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