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How to Throw an Adult Halloween Party | Great Performances


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How to Throw an Adult Halloween Party
by Beth Kaiserman

Halloween doesn’t have to be all ghosts, goblins and goodies. Here are some tips for a creative Halloween bash that still has some spooook and spice!

Design Tips:

1. Serve cocktails out of gourds or pumpkins! – Danica Andler, Design Director

2. Leaves can be used as placecards – use nontoxic markers if possible! –Randy Ballesteros, Event Design Manager

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3. Decorate your bar with cheesecloth ghosts! -Randy

4. Chile plants are in season – so why not decorate with them? -Danica

Food Ideas:

Instead of gorging on candy, cider and sugary punch, enjoy an easy, cozy 3-course meal. Every year, Design Manager Kaitlin Walsh’s family has a Fall chili cookoff. Even if you don't have a competitive cookoff, chili is an easy crowd pleaser that lets you kick back and enjoy your party. 


Halloween is a great time for deviled eggs. You can make them look like eyeballs if you want, but for grown-ups we like this creative recipe from Carla Hall: deviled eggs that look like pumpkins! Simple, classy and fun.


We like this recipe from vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli; it’s even better with seasonal butternut squash added! The beans make it hearty enough to please even the pickiest meat eaters. Serve with fresh parsley or cilantro and homemade cornbread. If you want, create a "fixins" station with pickled hot peppers, salsa, shredded lettuce and avocado. It's fun, easy and colorful! 


For our Sustainability Connector Stefanie Zaitz, Fall means it’s time to bake – and she likes including maple syrup in recipes whenever possible.

“This maple poundcake is unique, hearty and not too sweet! It’s easy to make and one of those items that folks say ‘Wow’ to when you serve!”

Now the ultimate question: what will you wear?!

Happy Halloween!

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