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Adrienne Arsht's 75th Birthday Bash | Great Performances


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Adrienne Arsht’s 75th Birthday Bash
CPS Events at The Plaza
by Mike Warren

There has always been a connection between The Plaza and The Arts.  We have hosted many arts-related events – whether it be a Tony Party, NY City Center, American Theatre Wing , or Metropolitan Opera Guild, all have called The Plaza “home”.  Over the years, Adrienne Arsht has attended, been honored at, and supported many of these organizations.  I always look forward to greeting her each time she walks in the door – she is just a very special person.  I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to not only help plan her 70th Birthday Celebration, but to welcome her back this year for her 75th!

When guests entered the party, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that they walked into Adrienne’s Birthday Celebration.  Everything from the escort card table, to the shoe wall represented significance within Adrienne’s life.  Under the leadership of Robert Pullen, Executive Producer of Nouveau Productions, a dream team was assembled.  Cait & Jules created the décor for the evening, while CPS Events produced a customized culinary experience with a nod to healthful eating – aside from the birthday cake of course!  Speaking of which, Madison Lee’s Cakes handmade each and every guest a gorgeous individual cake that was one large rose, fitting with the theme of the evening - homage to her father’s rose garden. 

Photographer: Jon Pan

Being such a supporter of The Arts, there was no shortage of major talent to grace the stage at her party.  The extensive list of artists include American Pops Orchestra conducted by Luke Frazier, Lindsay Mendez, Norm Lewis, Amber Iman, Jared Grimes, Stephen Costello, Hillary Morrow, Brian Stokes Mitchell, David Pittsinger, and Laura Osnes. The artists who performed at the party did so as their birthday gift to Adrienne and, as a thank you to each of them, she will donate $10,000 to their favorite charity. Since performers are always asked to cut their fees when they perform for a charity she wanted to make it possible for the artist to pick an organization to which they would like to make a gift. This is a tradition of Adrienne’s and it is a wonderful way to say thank you and celebrate her friends. This is so indicative of her generosity – to be so giving on her birthday. 

After the final performance, upon Adrienne’s walk to the stage, several confetti cannons filled the room with rose petal confetti.  She then spoke from the heart to her audience, including her beloved family within her remarks about how they impacted her life to make her into the amazing woman that she is today.

Photographer: Jon Pan

But the party didn’t stop there!  The Centennial Foyer was transformed into a private jazz club modeled from the iconic Birdland where we passed delicious sweets and of course, Adrienne’s favorite childhood treats – classic Good Humor Bars! A great time was had by all!  Keeping with her generous spirit, each guest got to take home their individual cake (if they didn’t eat it already!) and bouquets that were repurposed from the Ballroom’s décor.  As if that wasn’t enough, there was a build your own to go candy station for guests to take on their way out.  As promised by Adrienne in her remarks, each guest was also given a mini copy of the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence in tribute to her mother's practice of always carrying one with her-- a tradition Adrienne continues to this day. What an amazing evening for such a remarkable woman!  Adrienne, it was an honor and a pleasure to work with you and I can’t wait for your 80th!

Photographer: Julie Skarrett

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