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The Plaza Is Abuzz With The New Bee Hotel | Great Performances


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The Plaza Is Abuzz With The New Bee Hotel
CPS Events at The Plaza
by Plaza Public Relations

Did you know that yellow jackets are the ones that can sting multiple times and honey bees die after one sting?  Bees are an essential piece of our environment and each day are becoming more and more endangered and The Plaza is doing its part to support bee conservation.

 Wild mason bees, some of the most effective pollinators on earth, can now check in to The Plaza in New York, and ten new luxurious bee hotels at Fairmont Hotels & Resorts across the United States.  The Plaza’s Bee Hotel is located on the roof of the hotel, creating a habitat utilizing native plants appealing to wild bees and even providing these little “guests” a view of Central Park.

These new oases were developed by Fairmont Hotels & Resorts in partnership with Pollinator Partnership, the largest not-for-profit organization dedicated exclusively to the protection and promotion of pollinators, to serve as habitat for nesting and reproduction. Habitat loss is a leading cause for the decline in wild bee populations, which are responsible for the pollination of one-third of the food produced in the United States.

The bee hotel at The Plaza is French inspired, like the hotel itself, and was developed in partnership with the Central Park Conservancy and Fairmont’s international Bee Sustainable partner, River of Flowers.  Blondie’s Treehouse, the hotel’s floral designer was an integral partner in creating a habitat that will attract bees and create a safe resting and nesting place.

Great!! It builds awareness of pollinators out there, hope more bee hotels are coming up in the near future.

By thomsonriver on 2016 12 16

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