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24 Hours
CPS Events at The Plaza
by CPS Events Marketing

As told by event designer extraordinaire, David Monn, his inspiration was ‘spring time in Paris and a little Vivaldi’ which created the exquisite backdrop for “The Gift of Music” Spring Gala for the Orchestra of St. Luke’s.  Each year, David exceeds everyone’s expectations from the previous year.  IN the past, we have had gorgeous trees with doves, thousands of votives, a combination of round and royal tables with individual lamps dotting the room.  This year, we had 18 foot towers with exploding bouquets of peonies creating a floral canopy throughout the Ballroom.  Needless to say, the risotto with English peas and filet mignon with asparagus and morels with a bleu cheese gratin only added another level of significance to this gorgeous evening.  Like a Broadway play, the next act was to follow.

Before we knew it, the Grand Ballroom was turned over for a large corporate client with attendees from all over the globe.  There were so many different countries and cultures represented that we needed to bring in six translators to relay all of the important information that was discussed during their sessions!  When their event was over, the guests made their way down to the Terrace Room for dinner and yet another turn of the Ballroom was in motion…

Back to orchestras, it was such a pleasure to have the first annual Salome Chamber Orchestra Gala at The Plaza’s Grand Ballroom.  Our colleagues, Emily Reifel and Kaitlyn Cullen, assisted in creating an unforgettable evening of food, music, and dance for our patrons. Following cocktails in the Ballroom Foyer, guests raved about the Risotto (the orchestra organizations must adore risotto!) the veritable amuse bouche to the evening's centerpiece, a period menace by international star violist David Aaron Carpenter and the Salome Chamber Orchestra and accompanied by preeminent Tango dancers and bandoneon players.  “The lighting by Bentley Meeker, flowers by Vers de Gris and stellar food provided the perfect ambience for our fundraiser and many of our guests can't wait to attend next year's Gala.  We look forward to making this an annual affair, thanks to the professionalism and sheer pleasure it was to produce it at the legendary Plaza Hotel!” – Lauren Carpenter


Photos by: Orchestra of St. Luke’s and A. De Vos Photos

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