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24 Hours
CPS Events at The Plaza
by CPS Events at The Plaza

“The Enduring Nature of an Institution Lies in the Story of its Past” as stated by Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist.  I’d also like to think it applies to the Grand Ballroom at the Plaza Hotel.  On a balmy winter evening, I was proud to host the Supreme Court Historical Society New York Gala.  The highlight of the evening was a special guest, not a person, but a historic document proudly displayed as an original printing of the stone engraving of the Declaration of Independence printed from a copperplate designed in 1823.  Only 200 engravings were printed with only a few are extant.  Also on display was an early edition of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, printed together with embossed lettering for the blind.  I had to ask the owner, Dorothy Goldman, where does she display this incredible document.  Without a pause, she said “in my library, next to my desk, where I can look at it every morning.”

Five hours later the Grand Ballroom room was ready for a major financial conference without any evidence of an earlier bash celebrating the Supreme Court.  Our favorite Mayor Mike Bloomberg was the keynote speaker at lunch.  I was chomping at the bit to ask him to ask him if he was going to run for President but on second thought I knew it was it was best to focus on serving 500 of the financial elite.  After the 2008 crash I was never more aware how important my nonprofits rely on corporate sponsors.  It is always a good day at the Plaza when a major financial company is sandwich between two great causes in New York.

Soonafter the conference broke, Casino Tables, black jack, roulette and craps were rolled in to The Ballroom and quickly transformed into Las Vegas, Plaza style.  NYU Langone Medical Center hosted their annual “Adults in Toyland” reception where guests are encouraged to gamble and raise funds for the hospital – with the help of delicious cocktails (especially our featured Kick’d Up Caddy Cocktail) and savory stations of tapas and sushi.  It is such a fun way to raise funds for an amazing cause.

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