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2017 Wedding Trends | Great Performances


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2017 Wedding Trends
CPS Events at The Plaza
by Kelsey Butler

Unique Invitations: Gone are the days of picking out invitations from an array of templates; couples are now hand designing their invites and save the dates to suit their personalities and the theme of their big day! Handmade invitations with personalized calligraphy are very “in” right now. Take a calligraphy class, unique stationary and handpicked adornments to do it yourself!

Hanging Décor: Over the top flower arrangements, towering centerpieces, and elaborate escort card tables are now moving…. Up. Hanging décor is so in. Forget the disco ball, many couples are choosing to personalize a hanging piece complete with feathers, jewels, flowers, bird cages, you name it! These add a personal touch to any ballroom and jazz up the existing chandeliers. Breathe new life into your escort card table by hanging your cards from the ceiling, a beautiful tree, or even a floral arch way for outdoor venues. Guests will have a ball finding their names!

Personalized Food & Drinks: Rather than your typical bar drinks, couples are now having their “favorite cocktails” available for their guests to try, served in an array of fun and personalized glasses! At The Plaza, I am rather excited for an upcoming wedding where, during the after party the Groom’s requested that we prepare  “D’s P’s”, aka a special pasta he has prepared for years for his friends after a long night out! More and more cocktail buffets are including fun foods such as mini burgers, pigs in a blanket, and even food trucks!

Classic tall tiered wedding cakes are also making a comeback. No longer just a memory from your mother’s wedding day, couples are choosing more and more couples are choosing a very traditional looking cake. Not wanting to forgo the cupcakes, doughnuts, and cake pops, a tall tiered wedding cake can help draw guests attention to a full out dessert bar.

Entertainment: Far from your typical band or DJ, guests are personalizing their big day even further with entertainers to fit their theme! A lavish wedding this past year centered on an underlying theme of “birds,” the couple had dancers dressed at birds performing in cages during their cocktail hour! Additionally, they had small birds in cages included in their exquisite centerpieces, and bird cages dangling from the ceiling of the Grand Ballroom.

Thumbnail Source: Perfect Wedding Venues

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