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2016 Proposal Stories | Great Performances


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2016 Proposal Stories
by Wedding Director, Carly Katz-Hackman

Benjamin & Elizabeth

Ben and Liz got a little tech-y for their engagement, and their kids and grandkids will thank them when the resulting footage is handed down… Ben received a drone as a holiday gift and the couple decided to take it along during a walk on their special beach in Montauk. Ben asked Liz to run toward the flyer in order to test the camera, and when she turned back, he was down on one knee with an open ring box. Everything was captured on video except for the resounding “YES!” The two will tie the knot at Wave Hill on October 8, 2016. The Drone has RSVP’ed.

Lindsay & Will

“Will and I were on a long awaited trip to Scandinavia, and standing in the mouth of a Norwegian Fjord.  We were both exclaiming that it was the ‘best day ever,’ when Will got down on one knee and said ‘Only one thing could make it better.’ The ring was made from my Great-Grandmother's diamond, and I was so surprised, I screamed ‘You're kidding me!’  Eventually, I, of course, said ‘Yes.’”

Will and Lindsay are getting married on July 23 at Wave Hill, overlooking the Hudson River, which is a close second to a Norwegian Fjord if you ask me!

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