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2016 Food Trends
by Emily Giove, Assistant Event Director

Is seaweed really the new kale?  Are insects already passé?  Below find what we at GP predict to be some of the most important shifts in the food scene next year.

Exploring new spice.  

Many celeb chefs have voiced an affinity for African and Middle Eastern flavors.  Duqqa, berbere and harissa may soon become household tastes – keep an eye out for the “cure-all” turmeric, too.

Humble is hot.  

Tacos, among other street food, continue to enjoy a renaissance.

Our new Taqueria Station. 

Crave-worthy cuisines.

Expect a surge in Hawaiian, Filipino and Jewish food.  The poke craze has already taken the West Coast by storm!

A sweet goodbye. 

Alas, the industry has soured on sugar – savory snacks like hummus and salted yogurts, along with fermented foods like pickles, will soar in popularity.  Aw, there’s no need to be bitter!   

Hudson Valley Duck Mousse with Pickled Grapes on Endive

Burnt, baby burnt. 

We’re also looking forward to fire and smoky flavors - they'll be present in everything from charred vegetables and cocktails to finishes on desserts.

Veggies take the lead.  

Meats will be more often presented as sides or even condiments, allowing vegetables to shine on your plate as the main event. More seasonal than animal products, veggies best allow for fresh and varied menus throughout the year.

War on waste.

The Dan Barber-led revolution is of great value to our team here.  “Root-to-Stem” and “Nose-to-Tail” cooking, in which no piece of the animal or vegetable is discarded, will become commonplace – we hope!

Salmon Belly Tartare from our "Traditional" Hors D'oeuvres line.

Which trend are you looking forward to most?

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