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2015 90X Arts Festival | Great Performances


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2015 90X Arts Festival
Company News
by Claire Kennedy

Over the past five years, the GP staff has produced plays and musicals, created cabarets to showcase the incredible poets, musicians and dancers among us, and last year added the first GP Art Gallery. The gallery features GP painters, photographers, woodworkers, wig creators and more, many of whom sold their work throughout the festival. 

2016 is the 5th year in a row for the GP Arts Festival, a festival that began when a few GP service members decided to come together and celebrate the amazing talents of the folks you see on the floor at events. I was a part of the first production, Into The Woods, and creating a piece of theatre with the talented people I also have the joy of working with, was simply magical. This year's main production will be Urinetown, a comedic play that satirizes "the legal system, capitalism, social irresponsibility, populism, bureaucracy, corporate mismanagement, municipal politics and musical theatre itself" ("Music Theatre International").

90X Arts Gallery 2015. © Maura Kelley.

In addition to the Gallery, Cabaret and Urinetown, the festival will also be showcasing what Great Performances does best: food. The culinary artists from GP are coming together to create 90X FoodFest. Festival attendees will have the opportunity to see and taste our GP chefs' personal recipes!

At Great Performances, we work together throughout the year to create beautiful events, events that celebrate the important moments in our lives. This festival is a celebration of the talented people that help make it all happen. 

I encourage all of you to join us, to celebrate members of your community who are living their passions and to celebrate artistry.

All of the information for this year’s festival is below. 

Get your tickets before they sell out!

90X Arts Festival 2016:

A four night arts festival featuring the professional artists of Great Performances.

Main Stage show:

The Tony-award winning musical Urinetown.

Cabaret: Featuring music and song by GP artists from pop to rock and opera. The cabaret will also feature dance from modern to b-boy. 

The Gallery: Painting, photography, sculpture, woodworking and more. And all of the work is for sale!

The FoodFest:

The culinary staff of Great Performances prepare their own signature recipes.

What, Where, When:

The Flamboyán Theatre at The Clemente

107 Suffolk (between Rivington and Delancey)

Ground Floor

F-M-J-Z to Delancey-Essex

Wed. Feb. 10:





Thurs. Feb. 11:




Friday. Feb. 12:




Sat. Feb. 13:





Tickets: 90X Arts Festival 2016

Twitter/Instagram: @90XArts

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